Watch Dogs: Legion – Game “Identity Hack” the whole world greets the haunted trailer

Watch Dogs Legion Game Hack danh tinh ca the gioi chao san Trailer ma mi5sh4N - Emergenceingame

Ubisoft recently released a new trailer for the game Watch Dogs: Legion in Gamescom 2019, which details how the “play as any character” play will work. As can be seen from the video, the game has the same way of working as XCOM.

Different playable characters possess different benefits: for example, one character has a 50% chance of taking damage after drinking, while former attorney Sue Taylor has a 25% chance to members Members of your team are automatically released from prison. In addition, the “old dork” Alan Murphy has the ability to increase the damage of the rifle by 100%, although he can die at any time (because he is too old!).

Players can unlock playable characters by doing quests with them, so players don’t need to switch characters “wasting around” like the title Driver: San Francisco. After unlocking the character, players can level up and learn new abilities and perks, which promise “thousands of abilities” according to the trailer’s introduction. In addition to useful customizations, the game also has a variety of other fashion items.

Although permanent death is a constant threat to their team, players need not worry: after all, characters can all be sacrificed due to the “play any character” gameplay. ” in the city’s millions of inhabitants.


Watch Dogs: Legion will release on March 6, 2020.​

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