Top 10 characters of 7 Dragon Balls with the most respectable will

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Dragon Ball Like an encyclopedia covering many aspects of life, even three days and three nights would not be enough. Among them, through the protagonists and villains in the series, the author has put in great efforts and strives constantly for his own aspirations no matter what the results may be. Below is a list of the 10 most resilient characters in the series, the things they go through are also lessons worth everyone pondering.

10. Marshal Red

Marshal Red went through many hardships to fulfill his lifelong dream – to find the Dragon Ball to help his body become taller. The fact that he did everything to fulfill his dream was really touching. But unfortunately with his extreme and cruel deeds, he made him receive the result of being his own trusted subordinate – Black shoot dead.

9. Dr. Gero

Dr.Gero is a genius scientist of the Red Ribbon Army, because he wants to avenge his previous leader, he spends all day hiding in the cave, eating sweet potatoes, doing scientific research. It seemed like crazy scientific research, creating many of his Androids like a psycho. But others also have to respect him for his intelligence as well as his will.


What surprises others is that he can for the sake of success without regret turning himself into an artificial person. Even more amazing at the end Gero was killed at the hands of Android 17, 18 created by himself.


8. King Pilaf

Appearance Pilaf The king always just makes the reader feel so “cute”. He always takes his two underlings everywhere to go through “hundreds of thousands of bitterness” in order to collect Dragon Ball because he wants to claim the world. As a result, when Shenron appeared, he was extremely “smeared” when the fat pig Oolong won first to wish for a pair of women’s underwear. Later in GT, Pilaf wished the Black Star Dragon would make it Goku shrunk.


However, despite being a villain but Pilaf The king is still a very honest and lovely person, and when he interrogated Bunma, he even kissed him. Thanks to Pilaf The king and his friends, readers have more laughter and joy when reading the series Dragon Ball.


7. Ten Shinhan

Throughout the content of the series Ten Shinhan with my brother Chaozu They are all disciples of the Hac Mon Sect, raised by Old Hac since childhood. He was trained by Mr. Crane to become an assassin, so at first he was a cold and emotionless person. Ten Shinhan is a serious opponent of Songoku. He has many killer moves such as Thai Duong Ha San, Qigong Cannon, Four Body Fists. It’s Qigong Cannon of Ten Shinhan made Goku failed to win the championship in the second fight. He is a model, honest and constantly trying to practice and improve his martial arts ability.

6. Piccolo

Piccolo and Ten Shinhan have many similarities with each other, are the types of people who are always satisfied with pursuing their strongest image. Piccolo constantly cultivating to improve his combat ability, and also trained his son Goku to be Gohan into a strong young man that in the end Piccolo sacrifice yourself to save your life Gohan. After his resurrection, he participated in the group’s wars Goku and others, against powerful monsters in both Namek and Earth.

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