Broke Protocol – A unique game that combines GTA 5 with… Minecraft

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GTA 5 has become the legend of the village world game while maintaining the crazy heat throughout the past 4 years. Other way, Minecraft also registered themselves in the Top of the most addictive games in history with a huge world where gamers are free to do what they want. Over the years, with love for both of these names, the gaming community has launched a lot of interesting projects, allowing GTA 5 to step into Minecraft as well as Minecraft to step into GTA 5.​


But what if we have a completely new game, a product that does not need to borrow or install Mods, a rookie that blends both Minecraft and GTA 5 into the same game? The answer is Broke Protocol – where you can unleash chaos in a huge city with Minecraft-style graphics.


However, the most interesting thing about Broke Protocol With the majority of the gaming community, the game is completely… free. Yes, right now you can enjoy Broke Protocol (Alpha version) without spending a dime. All you need to do is scroll down to the bottom of the post and Download Broke Protocol to PC via the corresponding link.​


As said, Broke Protocol has the style of a genuine GTA 5 Minecraft version, where gamers will control square characters to act in an extremely large world. There you can completely bombard, naughty, steal cars and struggle in any way you want. The game has a weapon system just enough for gamers to choose from, ready to help you on the way of “rising stars”.


However, Broke Protocol also has a Battle Royale game mode in the style of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, where gamers will have to confront 9 other players. 10 gamers will have to do everything to survive and last until the last minute to become the winner, creating a very interesting online arena.

Broke Protocol As I said, there is an Alpha version released for free and allowing gamers to download it to PC right now:​

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