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On March 2nd, Tournaments League of Legends Korea announced that it will be postponed when the first half Season end. LCK put my name on the list of Esports tournament (and even traditional sports) have been postponed, or even canceled altogether, due to the outbreak of Coronavirus. Sources said the tournament Esports Korea’s flagship may be returning sooner than expected, but in a different way than before.

Looks like the LCK will return to the bottom online formatallow gamer compete in a studio without an audience. Viewers can only follow the matches through media online streaming. This format of competition is a reasonable thing in the context of the epidemic when the Overwatch League recently announced an online format until the end of April in the hope that the virus will be extinguished and not disrupt the tournament for too long. The Call of Duty League is also looking to take advantage of the online competition to continue their season.


It seems that not too long ago, the LCK kicked off the spring of 2020 in an empty stadium, but things have progressed rapidly since then. Other leagues are also struggling to come up with the best possible solutions to not only continue their seasons but also ensure the safety and health of everyone involved.

When the LCK is played again, the audience will definitely be interested to see if Gen.G will be able to keep their position when they are currently at the top of the rankings. If the predictions of time LCK is back is exactly the fan League of Legends there won’t be a long wait to see their favorite teams in the ring again.

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