Being asked to “mutilate” the movie, the Japanese studio sent the partner a Katana

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For those who don’t know, Harvey Weinstein is a very famous producer in Hollywood. Many people misunderstand that the director is the most powerful person in a movie. However, in reality, it is the producer who holds the “king’s scepter”. After a movie is completed, producers can completely ask the crew to cut out scenes that they feel are not “appropriate” (unless the director is an extremely famous person like James Cameron).


Harvey Weinstein used to be the owner of Miramax, the company behind many Oscar-winning movies. So he’s obviously one of the most powerful producers in Hollywood. At the same time, this man is also an eccentric “editor”, and often won the right to “cut” the film after it was completed, to the point that many people called him with the nickname “Harvey Tay Scissors”.

When Ghibli, a Japanese studio that is extremely famous for its popular and meaningful animated films like Princess Mononoke or Howl’s Flying Castle… cooperated with Miramax to release Princess Mononoke English version, Harvey obviously also wants to show his “hands-on” power. However, Princess Mononoke was released in the West without much of a cut. It is rumored that, Hayao Miyazaki – film director and co-founder of Studio Ghibli – sent Harvey a bar Katana along with the words “Don’t Cut” to prevent him from getting his hands on his work.


Rumors were still just rumors, until the insider himself explained everything to the press: “Actually, the person who sent that katana was my producer.”_Miyazaki said, the producer is referred to here is most likely Toshio Suzuki, who has worked with him for many years_”Then I also went to New York to meet that man, that Harvey Weinstein guy (literally: “this Harvey Weinstein” ). I was “bombarded” intensely, all to gain the right to “cut” in my film.”

“But I beat him.” Hayao Miyazaki smiled.


Harvey Weinstein is currently embroiled in scandals related to the abuse of employees or actors who have worked under him for 30 years. It seems that the evil things covered up by his “Hollywood power” are finally coming to light.

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