Decode the terrifying secrets of the Dark Souls series (P.5)

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The Drangleic has descended into chaos, and that’s when the player, the Curse Bearer, awakens. Empty and no memory, the player will be given a target by the Old Lady, who were once Fire Keepers – NPCs sitting by the campfire that will help the player upgrade equipment or similar things. on one’s own.

The Old Lady tells the player about the fate of the Undead, who sooner or later lose their humanity and become Hollows. To find a way to break the curse, the player will have to travel through the kingdom of Drangleic, only to meet a girl in a turquoise outfit – the Emerald Herald. The Herald will give the player a quest, which is to find King Vendrick. But to meet him, before that, the player needs to collect mighty souls. If you pay attention, you will see that this process of collecting souls is similar to what you used to have to do when playing the game. Dark Souls first.​

Lost Sinner – Witch Izalith’s “Afterlife” from Dark Souls 1

There are 4 souls that meet the conditions for this “collection”, and they belong to 4 extremely powerful creatures. Sadly, no matter how powerful they are, their fate is already arranged. And even more sad, when you realize the “real face” of those 4 creatures.​

Duke’s Dear Freja with a disgusting appearance, similar to the crimes its previous life committed against its species

The first creature, the Lost Sinner, is described as the one who tried to keep the First Flame ablaze. Defeat the Lost Sinner (in NG+ mode), you will receive an item called Old Witch Soul. And it will not be difficult to see, that this is the embodiment of the Witch Izalith, one of the 4 First Lords of Dark Souls 1. In an effort to create another flame to replace the First Flame, The Sorcerer Izalith committed a great sin when he accidentally created the Devil.​

Who would have thought that Lord Gwyn would turn into such a hideous monster these days?

The next 3 creatures, Old Iron King, Duke’s Dear Freja and The Rotten, will give you the items Old King Soul, Paledrake Soul and Old Dead One Soul, respectively. If you are observant, it is completely possible to recognize these 3 items as the souls of Lord Gwyn, Seat and Gravelord Nito. Obviously, the great souls of the old era (in Dark Souls 1) were resurrected and transformed into new forms, but the ego was lost, and turned into soulless savage monsters. . This cycle of reincarnation has certainly been repeated more than once, and is that also the fate of great souls in the Age of Fire?​

The Rotten – The incarnation of Gravelord Nito in Dark Souls 1

Collecting enough 4 souls, players will be told that there are only 2 paths for them to choose, that is, to continue to maintain the order of the current world, or to destroy it. Either way, they had to find Vendrick, who had almost become the True King – who would sit on the Throne of Want to prolong the Age of Fire.
Knowing his goal, the player travels to Drangleic Castle, and learns of the secrets of King Vendrick, that he also defeated and collected four great souls to build this kingdom, that he advance against the kingdom of the giants on the advice of the Queen. And the Queen, who brought peace to the kingdom, to the king, a peace similar to…Darkness.​

What is the secret behind the enchanting beauty of Queen Nahandra?

Bringing curiosity, players will have an audience with Queen Nashandra, who will tell you that King Vendrick is not a great king as you think, when he refuses to sit on the Throne. Also on your journey down to the castle catacombs, you’ll hear hints about Lord Gwyn’s past lies, about how afraid he is of Men.

Overcoming countless obstacles as well as the loyal bodyguards of the king, the player finally meets Vendrick, who has long turned into a Hollow. Here, you will receive the King’s Ring, and thereby open the way to the Throne of Want. Both Nashandra and Emerald Herald want you to find that Throne, but the reason won’t be revealed until the last minute.​


With the new mission, players will continue their journey to find the Throne. Along the way, you will meet the Ancient Dragon, the Dragon created by Aldia’s hand, a product that failed to break the cycle of Light and Darkness. With the help of the Dragon, you will see the past of those who have turned into Hollows, including King Vendrick. The King’s past will also reveal the true face of his Queen – Nashandra.​

(To be continued)

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