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VLTK Mobile – Who said that the time is up, Duong Hieu Pham is back full of benefits

Just yesterday, Emergenceingame.Com reported on the sudden drop in rank of the illustrious giant in the world Martial Arts Mobile when this player lost the top 2 position on the top battle force chart, falling to 4th place after Ryuu Tran Nu. Instead of another name, the giant is no longer too strange to the community of players of this game – Qian Long De is right behind the throne with more than 13.9 million fighting forces. This made people quite surprised, especially when it happened right before the launch of the new version of Ba Chien My Nhan on July 27, making many people speculate that, Duong Hieu Pham Is he losing his position, or is Emperor Qianlong plotting to usurp the throne again?


However, to this day, it seems that all questions have been partially answered when Duong Hieu Pham immediately regained his form by increasing his speed of battle from 13.5 to more than 14. ,2 million battle strength, regaining the top 2 position, closely following Hac Y Luu Bang with more than 300,000 more fighting forces. Meanwhile, Emperor Qianlong and Ryuu Pearl still stomped with their current battle points. That also means, Emperor Qianlong is temporarily ranked in 3rd place, and the giant girl Ryuu Tran Nu has dropped to 4th place with more than 13.8 million combat power.


Of course, the results on the battle force chart today still do not say anything because tomorrow, the day after tomorrow or in the next few days, all unexpected changes can happen that no one can predict. . Duong Hieu Pham’s return is just an affirmation that this gamer is not as lost as many rumors and this “bloody” giant is still a wary opponent on the current battle force chart. by VLTK Mobile!

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