Valve unveils new hero Grimstroke at The International 8

Grimstroke - Emergenceingame

Now, it’s almost become a tradition when Valve always announces new heroes for Dota 2 at The International event. Therefore, this year is no exception.

After day 5 at TI8, Valve released a new hero image called Mars with very little information about this hero. Then there is an introductory video about this hero’s biography.

In the video, the character tells how the whole family was killed. But the most surprising thing is at the end of the video when we learn that it is only used to introduce another hero, and is now available in Dota. Valve also announced on its website new information about this hero.

Grimstroke is described as a range support, has good disables and escapes. The moves of this hero are described as follows:

Grimstroke draws ink with his brush, damaging and slowing enemies. Damage increases for each enemy hit in the brush path.

Grimstroke orders the ghost to cling to an enemy, dealing damage and silencing him. If this ball survives for a while, it deals heavy damage and restores Phantom Embrace’s cooldown.

Grimstroke ink on himself or an ally, silences the target while increasing movement speed and immunity to attacks. Squid deals damage to nearby enemies over time before exploding, dealing damage and stuns in the area around the inked hero

Grimstroke ties an enemy hero to his nearby allied hero within range, preventing the two from moving apart. Targeted moves on one hero (Unit-target will also affect the other hero). If the tie is broken before the end, the first target will once again be tied to the nearest allied hero in range.

Grimstroke is the first hero introduced by Valve since last October, when Dark Willow and Pangolier debuted together in patch 7.07.

In addition, another hero named Mars will appear this winter.

Mars Dota - Emergenceingame

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