Dota 2: OG beat PSG.LGD 2-1 in unbelievable series to advance to the finals

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This was possibly one of the craziest series to take place at the main event of The International 2018, OG beat PSG.LGD 2-1 to reach the final. Before that, OG was leading 1-0 but was overturned by LGD and tied 1-1. The final match was a tug of war between the two sides, but OG found victory through small mistakes from LGD.

Game 1 Draft:

Ame: Drow
Maybe: Huskar
Chalice: Weaver
fy: Winter Wyvern
xNova: Witch Doctor

ana: Gyrocopter
Topson: Pugna
Ceb: Enchantress
Jerax: Io
BigDaddyN0tail: Wraith King

PSG.LGD you: Chen, Nature’s Prophet, Morphling, Centaur, Arc Warden, Invoker
OG you: Tiny, Vengeful Spirit, Silencer, Storm Spirit, Bane, Mirana

Gyro-Io is a great combo in TI8. But OG never played Gyro, that’s why LGD didn’t ban him. They also beat Liquid against that combo, so it’s understandable to let these two heroes pass. LGD had their last pick, Huskar, but Topson’s Pugna in mid didn’t let Huskar deploy his power in lane. Topson can even solo kill Maybe, and with Huskar, you don’t want to be left behind. In the other lane, Ana showed that she still plays Gyro as well as any other hero and when Jerax controls Io, opponents need to be wary. Ceb probably got himself one of Enchantress’ best games with a record of 16/3/19. Huskar never shined, being killed 13 times in the match. Even if LGD has Aegis, it seems that OG has always had better teamfight control. Topson’s Dagon may not be enough to kill Huskar, but this hero can completely kill Ame with 70% HP down to 0 in less than half a second. n0tail’s Wraith King stomps through LGD ganks and Reincarnation ensures OG always has 5 members in teamfights. OG finally finished the match in 49 minutes. PSG.LGD had some surprisingly successful shots, but with Gyrocopter and Wisp behind the scenes, the combo was too strong to stop.

Game 2 Draft

Ame: Clinkz
Maybe: Storm Spirit
Chalice: Enchantress
fy: Earthshaker
xNova: Crystal Maiden

ana: Bloodseeker
Topson: Invoker
Ceb: Magnus
Jerax: Lina
BigDaddyN0tail: Silencer

PSG.LGD you: CHen, Nature’s Prophet, Vengeful Spirit, Pugna, Skywrath Mage, Monkey King
OG you: Wisp, Drow, Tiny, Lycan, Specter, Ursa

LGD got himself Storm Spirit in game 2, Maybe’s famous hero. This time, Enchantress and Earthshaker showed up to make sure Ana had no breathing room in her lane. That is also the reason why Bloodseeker is killed many times in lane. Topson got himself an Invoker and drove everyone crazy when he built his Meteor Hammer. This item is good when catching odd, but in ganking phase, it doesn’t have enough time to deploy. Invoker Ques-Wex fell behind as the game dragged on and OG had to rely on Ana for control, but that never happened. There were some good teamfights from OG, but when Clinkz and Storm got their BKBs, the two heroes were almost impossible to kill. Storm controlled the match, even when OG used Reverse Polarity and Skewer to push Storm Spirit into the fountain to kill him, it was too late. LGD won game 2 in 37 minutes. Like the first game, Enchantress plays an important role in the victory of the team.

Game 3 Draft

Ame: Terrorblade
Maybe: Mirana
Chalice: Enchantress
fy: Clockwerk
xNova: Bane

ana: Spectre
Topson: Arc Warden
Ceb: Pugna
Jerax: Earthshaker
BigDaddyN0tail: Silencer

PSG.LGD you: Chen, Nature’s Prophet, Vengeful Spirit, Zeus, Batrider, Invoker
OG you: Wisp, Drow, Tiny, Storm Spirit, Undying, Queen of Pain

Game 3 is probably considered the most watchable game in the tournament so far. OG opened with Specter, like they did against Evil Geniuses in game 3. LGD picked Ame’s Terrorblade to counter. fy has his own Clockwerk, a hero that doesn’t get picked a lot in the tournament, but when it falls into fy’s hands, it will definitely make a breakthrough. The game got off to a good start with PSG.LGD as Clockwerk roamed around the map and successfully caught oddballs. After the struggle, LGD was able to create the lead with good ganks and odd catches. Ana was forced to buyback to defend but died again. In the chaos, OG kills Terrorblade with damage from the spells they have. Knowing Ana couldn’t buyback, Ame boughtback and teleported, joining the team to try to finish the game. But OG waited patiently. Jerax played Echo Slam perfectly even though Ame used Sunder to save his life, but without Metamorphoris and BKB, the hero is no longer dangerous. Ame dieback and Maybe’s Mirana didn’t have the money to buyback, OG headed straight to LGD’s fountain to finish the game and advance to the TI8 finals – results no one expected.

PSG.LGD lost, but the boys still had 1 chance in the final losing bracket. They will face off against the winners of Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid in the first series of the final day at The International 2018.

Source: VPesports

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