Dota 2: Liquid becomes the former king, Evil Geniuses will face PSG.LGD

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After the defeat, Liquid became the former king of TI, leaving The International 2018 when they lost to Evil Geniuses in the semifinals of the losing bracket.

Unfortunately, only one team can make it through in this series and even though we’re seeing some of the best Dota 2 games at TI8, the TI7 champions can’t get past Evil Genisues. Going into the series, Liquid is probably considered the top team, especially as the team has proven themselves very strong throughout the DPC season, placing 2nd in the DPC rankings, including the Dota2 China Super Major championship. .

Game 1

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In the first game, both teams chose for themselves a fairly solid lineup, with SumaiL having the familiar Storm Spirit, and GH controlling IO.

Early in the game, Liquid quickly ramped up the game, with Ogre Magi and Venomancer bullying SumaiL in the mid. When starting to put pressure on other lanes, Liquid moving many heroes around the map, SumaiL lost his temper and was lured by Matumbaman many times.

In the mid game, GH is almost impossible to kill because EG can’t catch the hero. Combined with Chaos Knight, the duo pushing the lanes with their mobility, EG couldn’t find the answer to this brainstorming game. However, even though Liquid actively started the game, EG still fought back with a fairly balanced amount of gold, the two continued to struggle back and forth. As the game dragged on, it was EG’s turn to upset Liquid, constantly splitting and pushing two lanes while Liquid couldn’t catch s4’s Weaver. Both teams take advantage of great positions, but EG has always been the superior team, as they continuously exploit effective attacks when approaching Liquid – although Io, Chaos Knight and Enchantress all have their own Heart of Tarrasque .

When the game entered the final stage, neither side would give in. Miracle-, understanding the importance of the game, ventured to Divine Rapier at 50 minutes. Unfortunately, a few minutes later, he lost this valuable item in a creative smoke from EG, which caught Miracle- off guard. . Despite regaining Rapier again after a few minutes, Venomancer on Heart makes Matumbaman unable to buyback when caught odd. Right after that, EG pushed straight ahead, took the mega creeps and won game 1 for themselves.

Game 2

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Game 2, Liquid decided to draft quite dynamically, and this time when IO was banned by EG, Liquid chose for themselves Nature’s Prophet. Banned from several picks from game 1, including Weaver and Storm – two factors that contributed to their success in the early game, EG chose to end the game with Specter for Arteezy.

Unlike the early game 1, EG was the team that accelerated with the offlane pair s4 and Cr1t: catching a lot of Terrorblade kills, slowing Miracle-‘s late game. On the safelane side, the situation was similar, RTZ died a few times due to the rotation from Kuroky and the initiative of MinD_ContRoL. However, SumaiL’s tanky Timbersaw continued to farm well without being bothered by Viper.

As the game moves into the mid-game, it’s clearly a support game where GH is the factor that helps Liquid, and Dark Willow on the front line does the same, constantly having solo kills – creating great space. great for Arteezy and SumaiL – at one point, Cr1t even had the same networth as Matumbaman’s Brewmaster due to a lot of kills. Despite the space, EG constantly made mistakes to keep the game quite balanced.

In the late game, the two teams struggled like game 1. However, the turning point came from the 26th minute onwards, when they caught 4 members from Liquid in a good teamfight and continued to split push, attacking Liquid. from 3 sides. But the end for Liquid was officially confirmed at 30 minutes. The team was completely wiped out by EG and EG got their second Aegis. Minutes later, EG headed straight for the fountain, taking the mega creeps and, despite the salvage efforts from Liquid, weren’t enough to help the boys search for a second Aegis title. Less than 35 minutes, EG finished Liquid in game 2.

We have to say goodbye to last year’s champions, the three teams that will now continue their TI8 journey. Late tonight, EG will meet PSG.LGD in the final of the losing bracket. The two teams will meet and this is an opportunity for EG to take revenge on the Chinese boys.

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