Valorant officially launched a new Map field called Icebox

Valorant chinh thuc chao san Map moi mang ten - Emergenceingame

Valorant there will be one soon new map name is Icebox in Act 3. Riot hinted at an Icebox arrival last week, but before that, the studio said that the new map would only launch with Episode new and the release of the next Episode is still a few months away. Although that was the original plan, Riot decided to add a new map to satisfy the needs of the community.

Icebox is an industrial map set in a refrigerated shipping yard – a large outdoor area filled with shipping crates and more confined office areas. This map also has several ziplines, so players can unleash their creativity on new moves for Icebox.

A Riot representative shared on Reddit that: “The map is scheduled to be released in Episode 2, but many members of the project feel the need to work on completing and releasing Icebox sooner.”

Pushing the Icebox release date early could alter the map’s plans for Episode 2, although the team is still working on a new schedule. Riot is focusing on completing the maps and trying to avoid the situation of having to update the Episode without a new map.​

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