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PUBG spoke about the arrest of 15 Hackers, revealing Hack software containing Virus

PUBG still having a headache with the problem of Hack/Cheat in the game and constantly taking preventive measures inside and outside the virtual world environment. There while the developers Bluehole as PUBG Corp While constantly coming up with new Anti-Cheat methods, the authorities in Korea as well as China continue to crack down on business lines and operate Hack/Cheat.


The latest incident is a prime example when Tencent – the game company that holds the rights to publish PUBG in China as well as develop and publish PUBG Mobile Globally, has just supported the police force to arrest 15 suspects in 2 business lines and operate the Hack/Cheat tool.


However, in parallel with this information, Chinese police confirmed that these Hack/Cheat software also contains Heybox malware and Trojan Virus to scan data inside users’ computers and steal personal information from it. . This confirmation is a wake-up call for those who still want to use Hack/Cheat tools to play “dirty” in the Online Game environment out there because while they have a few advantages in the virtual arena, in real life. Theirs was also attacked.

Notice from Chinese police and PUBG Corp.


In most cases, many people have to spend cash to buy back these tools from the suspect when the price is their own personal information. So it’s like they give money to their computer attackers and still use Hack/Cheat tools to destroy a product made by other people’s efforts as well as severely affect the experience. of true gamers.​

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