Using the Booster support tool in the game Subway Surfers

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If you are a fan of runner games, surely you cannot ignore Subway Surfers for free for devices running Android, iOS and Windows Phone operating systems. The game is the story of the relentless chase of Jake, the boy who loves to draw Grafitti at the station and the strict security man.

The player’s task is to help the boy run as far as possible, earn a lot of gold, buy support items and new characters in the surfing club on the train. Subway Surfers attractive to players by the gameplay that does not require many skills, colorful 3D graphics, fun sounds. However, mastering the game is not easy. To earn a lot of points and money, you need not only skills, but tools to support are very important. Understanding their effects and usage will help you take advantage of the game. This article will continue to guide you how to play Subway Surfer the most effective. Specifically, the introduction and usage of Boosts in the game.

Please update Subway Surfer or download the latest version to play and use all the new features in the game.

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1. Hoverboard

A skateboard will help you a lot. It not only makes your character glide smoother, more beautiful, but the hoverboard also has the ability to avoid tripping when hitting obstacles on the run. You can collect Hoverboards in mysterious gift boxes or buy them in the store. Skateboards can be purchased with in-game gold or with real money through in-app purchases. To use the skateboard, you need to tap the screen twice. This assistive device only lasts for a certain period of time, so you should use it wisely. It is best that after running for a long time, the game speed increases and it is easy to crash into obstacles.

Subway surfer

2. Mystery Box

This is a mysterious gift box you can collect while running or buy in the store. However, you should not spend 500 gold to buy them, usually what you get in return is not much. Let’s collect on the run.

Subway Surfer

3. Jetpack

The booster is shaped like two gas canisters, it has the same effect as the nitrogen tanks attached to racing cars. Jetpack also has the same effect when the character is equipped. It accelerates the running speed to the highest level. You can collect boosters on the run and use them right away.

Subway Surfer

Surfing game on rails

4. Super Sneakers

“Super shoes” help you jump higher, farther. However, you should only use them in the early stages when the game speed is still slow. Because super shoes can cause you to collide more if you are not quick to control the character at high speed in the later stages.

5. Coin Magnet

Gold magnets are extremely useful tools on the run. You can collect them on the run or buy them in the shop. Coin magnet can only be used for a certain time, they will suck up all the gold that appears in front of you without having to run into the correct position of the gold coins.

Subway Surfer

6. Mega Headstart and Skip Mission

These 2 items help you skip stage 1 to go straight to stage 2 or 3. Collect them on the run or buy them in the shop.

7. 2x Multiplier

Use them to increase your score exponentially. 2x Multiplier has a star-shaped input with a multiplier on the picture, for example x2, x3, x4, you take advantage of them on the run to earn more points.

Above are some instructions for playing Subway Surfers game and an introduction and effective gaming support tools. Wish you have fun playing the game.

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