How to build schools and classes in Minecraft game

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Minecraft is a classic game that no one is unaware of. Its popularity and popularity have even reached the point where Microsoft recently researched and released a joint educational program. Education version of this game.

Minecraft: Education Edition is the world’s first educational game version implemented in a scale, professionally and with investment. Although only released a few days, but Minecraft educational version has received countless positive reviews and widely applied in many countries around the world.

If you want to get acquainted or excited and want to build a school in your Mine World, check out the following tutorial.

How to build a school in Minecraft

Step 1: First, it is necessary to clearly define the structure, design, shape, materials, and model of the school. In short, become an Architect yourself to draw up the drawings and construction plans for your school.


If you are install and play MinecraftYou know well that this Open World has a lot of Biomes, each of which provides different, rich and varied materials and materials in both quality and quantity (Review article “How to recognize and use the Biome in the game Minecraft“). Therefore, it is necessary to have a clear plan for the selection of materials, structure and shape of the school to save as much time and effort as possible.

When building, do not forget we are still in the normal game mode of the game and all risks can happen that put your character in danger, so even if you hurry, do not lose focus. Eating, dodge mobs

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Step 2: First, after you’ve determined the shape and structure of the school, build a foundation and create a frame for it.

Building the frame

Step 3: Use tall, surrounding stakes as pillars, and if you intend to build a school with high-rise architecture, do not forget to make stairs.

The school needs gates and the classrooms also need doors and windows. You don’t want your students (or teachers) to teach in a classroom that looks like a jar of buttons? No need to be too fussy, but the doors and windows will make your school beautiful, lively and realistic.


Step 4: The outdoor structure (4 sides, roof) of the school should be made from the same materials to ensure stability and also facilitate sourcing.

School front

The back of the school should leave a little empty space for playgrounds, flower gardens, ornamental plants …

Behind the school

You can also choose from many ways and styles to make the school roof, below is an example.

Build the roof

So the frame is finished building, is that fine, isn’t it?

Finished roof

If you watch European films, you will notice that their schools often have a bell tower, if you want, you can also make one beautiful.

Bell tower

Step 5: What would you think if there was a little more nature in your school? Take advantage of the space in the front or back yard that we have left to make a small flower garden.

Garden garden yard

If planting flowers in the front, then the back can be used as a playground.


Do not forget make fence Surrounding these areas.


You can add flags (if you want), like her own badge and identifier.


Well, it’s done now! Let’s take a look at our results? Not too bad, right?


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Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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