Minecraft: Top villagers worth exchanging items for you

Trading is a great way for you to get the items you need in Minecraft. However, not all villagers in Minecraft the same. The article will synthesize you these The villagers are worth exchanging the most in Minecraft.

Minecraft villagers

Villagers are part of the universe Minecraft. Initially, the village in the game is the home of residents with no intelligence and limited resources such as food and items in the blacksmith’s inventory. But then, villages have been developed, including new styles for each biome, more inventory, even enemies Illagers need to deal with. One of the most important updates is the exchange of items with villagers. Every Minecraft villager After completing the mission can give you a lot of important materials.

Top Minecraft villagers worth your trade

Shepherd – Shepherd

Shepherd in Minecraft

For those who want to craft emeralds, building a sheep farm and finding Shepherd in the village is a good way to earn the necessary amount of money in exchange. These Minecraft villagers often provide wool. You can exchange 18 wool for 1 emerald. Evolving Shepherd will allow players to trade in jade dyes. You can also exchange gems for beds, banners, but they are not worth it. Minecraft villagers take on the role of shepherd when there is a loom nearby.

Cartographer – Cartographer

Mapper in Minecraft

If you love exploring, you definitely want to visit a local cartographer – a Minecraft villager will take on the role while standing next to the map drawing table. This character offers paper exchanged with emeralds. Upgrade this character, you can really launch an authentic adventure. Some Cartographers also offer discovery maps in exchange for compasses and more than 10 emeralds. The map can lead players to near Ocean Monument or the extremely rare Woodland Mansion.

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Toolsmith – Blacksmith

Blacksmith in Minecraft

If there are Minecraft villagers who bring players the necessary survival tools, it could only be Toolsmith. This character can provide emeralds in exchange for coal, iron or igneous rock. The gems can then be used to exchange for some tools from the blacksmith.

Of course, the player can craft some of the tools the blacksmith has. As such, you absolutely have the ability to exchange an appropriate amount of emeralds for diamond tools or magic iron, even shovels, axes and hoes. You can find blacksmiths near the blacksmith table.

Fletcher – The bow and arrow maker

Crossbow blacksmith in Minecraft

Weapons in Minecraft are becoming more diverse and more useful as the game develops. Therefore, using a Minecraft villager specializing in making bows and arrows is the perfect choice for those who want to be better in this field. The initial two potential exchanges are 1 emerald for 32 sticks and 16 arrows for 1 emerald. Subsequent deals include regular bows and magic bows that can be exchanged for up to 21-22 emeralds. Fletcher also accepts to exchange flint, fur, or twine for emeralds. A Minecraft villager will take on this role when standing next to the dining table.

Mason – The builder

Builders in Minecraft

Those who love to build blocks will enjoy working with masons. However, even if you don’t have this passion, Mason can still be the best resource for emerald redemption while playing Minecraft. Between the Novice and Journeyman levels, Mason can give the player emeralds in exchange for stone, clay, andexite, diorrite, or granite. All of these items are extremely easy to collect in dynamic category, and clay is always in the swamp. If you are looking to quickly find beautiful terracotta or quartz blocks then two levels of Expert and Master builders will help you. The villagers next to the stonemason will take on the role of masons in Minecraft.

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Above are some Minecraft villagers worth the money for you to exchange or trade items. If you know any other options, please share with readers Download.vn offline!

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