Use Ultrasurf with Utorrent, combine Ultrasurf and Utorrent

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When downloading any torrent file, your IP address will be seen by the same peers (downloading). Therefore, if you download pirated software or evade copyright, you should hide your IP in case the authorities get involved or detect it.

To hide the IP address on blocked websites and especially on Facebook, users often use Ultrasurf to access facebook blocked. In case of downloading files, you should use Ultrasurf with Utorrent. This is a good match, because Utorrent will use the proxy server provided by Ultrasurf, so that your download information is also somewhat protected.

How to use Ultrasurf with Utorrent

Step 1: You need to download and install the above 2 software.

Download and install the latest version of uTorrent

Step 2: Start Ultrasurf software, now in the Listen section you will see the loopback address ( along with the computer port number (9666). So my computer has the following address range

use ultrasurf with utorrent

Step 3: Start the Utorrent software. Next go to Options > Preferences > Connection

ultrasurf ket hop utorrent

Step 4: Here you will see the Proxy Server option. By default, Utorrent does not set up any proxy servers. Now it’s time to enable this feature.

Type: HTTP


Port: 9666 (or any port on your computer)

Next click on the button OK To confirm. You can observe the illustration below for more clarity.

  ultrasurf and utorrent

So just showed you how to use Ultrasurf with Utorrent. You can also use Utorrent with any Proxy Server, not necessarily Ultrasurf. Using Ultrasurf has a disadvantage that it will be disconnected from the Internet, but you can fix the error of not being able to access the internet after turning off Ultrasurf Easily.

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