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Shroud was suddenly “taken down” by Tfue on Twitch, the cause turned out to be this game

Since Ninja joined Mixer, Shroud and Tfue are the top two candidates for the position streamer number 1 Twitch. As a result, Tfue recently officially surpassed Shroud in terms of subs and took this position. However, what surprised fans the most was the reason behind this. Revealed by Hannah ‘Bnans’ Kennedy – Shroud’s girlfriend, the main reason why this streamer’s channel viewership dropped dramatically was because he was … too addicted. WoW Classic.


Just released on August 26, WoW Classic has created a “fever” in the gaming industry. Many of the top Twitch streamers are caught in this WoW Classic storm and Shroud is no exception. Although this is not his “gut game”, Shroud still did not hesitate to jump right in, he even announced that he would continue to livestream the game even though this might adversely affect the number of subs and the number of people. watch my channel.


And as expected, according to TwitchMetrics statistics, the viewership of Shroud’s Twitch channel has actually decreased significantly. The most recent livestream on September 2, at the highest point, only reached 20,000 views while before that, the average view when streaming other games was always above 25,000. Since then, Shroud has not livestreamed continuously for 2 days on September 3 and 4. For a professional streamer, it’s a bit unusual to take a break from livestream for a few days, making fans wonder where he went. And the truth was finally revealed by Bnans, Shroud’s girlfriend. In an article posted on September 4, she said: “Mike has been off stream and playing WoW Classic continuously for 12 hours.”


It’s not unusual for Shroud to play games continuously for hours, but it’s worth mentioning that he turned off the livestream, cutting off contact with the entire audience just to focus on playing WoW Classic. Seeing his girlfriend’s share, the streamer also happily replied that he had been playing “for a long time” and reached level 55.


It was the fact that Shroud was so addicted to WoW Classic and was off stream for a few days to play the game that created a golden opportunity for Tfue to quickly surpass him and become the number 1 streamer on the Twitch platform. However, Shroud did not seem to mind this much, when he learned that he had been taken down by the German streamer, he simply replied: “Oh, great!”​

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