How to change VNPT Wifi password, change VNPT Yes Telecom wifi password

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Although using VNPT wifi, changing Wifi password is very necessary during use. Not only helps you prevent strangers from using the network, but changing the wifi password helps ensure a stable connection.

How to do this helps you:
– Know the address, name, password to access wifi
– Easily change wiif password of VNPT network operator

Currently, the vast majority of users use modems of network operators to broadcast wifi and access internet services. However, for security, users need to change wifi passwords of popular modems such as Tenda, TP-Link, VNPT, FPT … to avoid unauthorized access.

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Instructions to change VNPT wifi password on computer

If you use VNPT network, you are probably familiar with Yes Telecom, this is a modem provided and distributed by VNPT to customers using the network. So if you want to change the wifi pass VNPT Yes Telecom, you will definitely have to set it up through this router.

If the user wants to change the wifi password on the phone, please see the detailed article How to change wifi password by phone

How to change wifi password VNPT Yes Telecom

Step 1: First you have to access Yes Telecom’s management page. The default information you can see on the back of the device, usually the access address will be and the credentials would be:

Username: admin/megavnn

Password: admin/megavnn

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Step 2: After pressing Log in you will be taken to the management interface of Yes Telecom. Now go to Wireless > Wireless Security Setup > Pre-Shared Key > Show Password Next, change the desired VNPT wifi password.

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So has introduced to you how to change wifi password VNPT Yes Telecom. After confirming the password change, wifi will usually be interrupted a bit because it has to update information, on average this takes about 5-10 seconds before connecting again.
If you are using Viettel’s wifi modem, please refer to how to change Viettel wifi password to change the password periodically for your modem in use, change Viettel wifi password as often as how to change VNPT wifi password. Telecom will help you to prevent others from using your wifi.

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