Use Gmail as a work roster

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Gmail is a multi-functional email service and tool, among which there is a handy job assignment function, for users who need to take notes and work on a schedule, using Gmail makes a much-needed work roster.

Currently, there are quite a few tools such as Evernote, Pnotes and TodoList so that users can conveniently organize their tasks and remind them to do daily tasks, but not all task reminder tools are the same. suitable for all users, on the contrary Gmail is a great tool to do that, thanks to a special extension, users can use Gmail as a task board as quickly and simply as possible.

How to use gmail to do the work

This trick of using Gmail as a task board can be best done on Google Chrome, but users can also apply this method. install Chrome extension on Firefox to install Sortd Smart Skin for Gmail on Firefox browser.

Use Gmail as a work roster

First of all, if you want to use Gmail to make a to-do list, you need to download an extension called Sortd Smart Skin for Gmail on Chrome. You also need to log in to gmail, go to your gmail account first, if you don’t have one, quickly create a gmail account first.

Step 1: Download Sortd Smart Skin for Gmail on Chrome, note that you have to press Add Extension to accept the Google Chrome browser to install Sortd Smart Skin for Gmail on Chrome. No Google Chrome web browser yet, you Download Google Chrome

use gmail to do the work

Click on the Add to Chrome item.

work in gmail

Click to select item Add Extension to add extension

Step 2: After downloading, you open Gmail and by default you will see a small squirrel icon appear in the right corner of the toolbar, accompanied by a horizontal bar with a red Sortd icon.

use gmail to do the work

Step 3: When you click this button, the application will ask you to grant access to the extension, please press Allow to grant permission or Deny to refuse to grant.


Step 4: After granting Gmail access to Sortd Smart Skin for Gmail on Google Chrome, you will see your Google Chrome interface as follows:

To Do: is the to-do item, Follow up: Upcoming jobs, List 1 and List 2: to-do list 1 and 2.

I can

Step 5: On each of a user’s Gmail message body will display three new icons, which are: Snooze until (Notification reminder after some time), Archive (Archive that email in the All Email mailbox), Recycle (Delete selected email).

use gmail to work

Step 6: Organize and assign tasks in Gmail by dragging and dropping from the mailbox or you can also click the plus icon right below each item.

use gmail to do the work

Move messages to all categories easily.

I can

Once you’ve imported a message into the Gmail task board, you right-click on the message and you can apply a variety of features, such as:

Add tasks (Add job task), Add a list (Add a new list), Rename list (Rename the title of the selected item) and Delete this list (Delete all selected items).

use gmail to do the work

* Other interesting features of the software support using Gmail as a useful work roster.

– You can keep track of messages that have been sorted into assigned tasks in Gmail through the Sortd icon that appears at the top of each email.

– The Sortd toolbar can be easily expanded or collapsed to serve users who can use Gmail as a roster. So you can delete messages from the Gmail homepage or through the Sortd Smart Skin for Gmail tool itself.

use gmail to do the work

You can also easily highlight your sorted messages.

In the Sortd section, you will see the items you have previously assigned.

On Gmail, the feature of making a work roster is just one of the interesting tricks that users can learn, as soon as they sign up for Gmail, users have the choice to switch to the new Inbox interface or not. . Besides, Gmail registration on old computers, because users can also Sign up for Gmail on your phone through the Gmail application installed from CH Play.

If in the past, users could only change their Gmail password via a computer, now, users can change their Gmail password using their phones or other mobile devices as long as they have an Internet connection. Changing your Gmail password is a way to help you avoid the risk of being hacked or stolen. In case of force majeure data hacking, it is best to delete Gmail to ensure that sensitive data is not spread, but best, always remember to back up or forward emails to avoid having to delete Gmail.

Using mobile devices, you download

– Gmail email inbox for iOS devices: Download Gmail for iPhone
– Gmail inbox for Android devices:: Download Gmail for Android
As mentioned above, in addition to using Sortd Smart Skin for Gmail, also recommends that you try other note-taking and task-reminder software such as TodoList, Pnotes and Evernote to find yourself a satisfactory application. Please.

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