What’s the difference between disabling and deleting a Facebook account?

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Disable Facebook or delete Facebook account permanently? Which option would you choose in this case when you don’t have time to use your Facebook nick or temporarily don’t want to use it? In order not to lose your Facebook account, you should learn carefully about these two concepts.

Facebook is similar to Instagram, Twitter has a lot of practical account features for users, in which disabling and deleting Facebook accounts are two of the account features that everyone should know.

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Compare disable Facebook account and delete Facebook account

Many people often mistakenly think that the nature of disabling and deleting accounts is the same, but in fact this is not true. In this article, Emergenceingames.com will work with you to distinguish the right and most reasonable way to deactivate your account and delete your Facebook account.

Difference Disabling and deleting Facebook account is different?

In order to distinguish disable and delete Facebook accounts more easily, Emergenceingames.com divides according to the possibilities that users can and cannot do after disabling or deleting Facebook accounts.

*When you deactivate your account, what do you do and what can’t you do?

Deactivating your Facebook account is actually just a way to pause using Facebook for a certain period of time.

– Users can reactivate the account at any time as long as they still remember the account name and access password to log in to Facebook.

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– When you deactivate your Facebook account, people will not be able to search for your name in your Facebook list, friends, or view your timeline. Almost when you deactivate your account, you will disappear partially on the social network Facebook.

– Your messages may still show up in your friends’ messages. However, you will be identified as an anonymous Facebook user and your friends will not be able to send you messages.

*When you delete your Facebook account, what do you do and what can’t you do?

Deleting a Facebook account here is understood as deleting all user information including account settings, personal information, images, etc.

– After deleting the account, you will no longer be able to access or log into Facebook to that personal Facebook account, even if you have entered the correct account name and password to log in to Facebook.

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– You can still get your Facebook account back after a few days (it is not clear how many days Facebook determines). This means that after a few days (1-3 days), if you log back into Facebook with the same account, Facebook will restore your account and cancel the order to delete your Facebook account.

– Users will not be able to access their personal data or Facebook accounts if the maximum period of up to 90 days is exceeded for Facebook to wipe all user data stored on their backup system.

– Note that, even if you have deleted your account, friends who have messages with you can still see those messages without being deleted.

– Information related to user logs or activity logs will still be stored in Facebook’s database, but you will no longer be able to search or retrieve this information. unless contacting Facebook for help.

If we do not want to delete our Facebook account, we can temporarily lock it for a while, this is a function chosen by many people today.

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Through the instructions to distinguish between disabling an account and deleting a Facebook account on, you certainly have a partial understanding of how to use these two useful account features. Currently, users can disable and delete Facebook accounts on phones as convenient as deleting on computers.

However, the disable or delete Facebook account on the phone will need to manipulate more than the computer, and users can completely choose for themselves how to disable or delete their Facebook account at will.

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