Dao Hoa Kiem Mobile claims to be a genuine swordplay game with extremely cool sects

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Peach Blossom Sword Mobile is a very cool MMO game about to be released by NPH Funtap. Not too strong and outstanding in terms of gameplay, but the game always makes other big guys beware of its extreme graphics even though it only owns a 400MB installer.

Not only that, the latest images from the game also show that the 4 faction system of Dao Hoa Kiem Mobile is also very interesting. The factions in the game include Wudang, Nhat Nguyet, Minh Giao and Thien Son, all of which are names that are too familiar to fans of the traditional swordplay series.


Character creation is extremely elaborate and delicate. Wudang is designed in graceful, light clothes and a sharp sword that fully demonstrates the typical swordsmanship of the Wudang sect. In contrast, Minh Giao is shaped very strongly, showing the overwhelming strength of the character who is not afraid of any difficulties.

Two factions of female characters, Thien Son and Nhat Nguyet, are also designed in neat, long dresses, thereby showing flexibility and sophistication in combat.


The system of equipment and weapons is also very authentic and familiar. Minh Giao with a spear, Wudang with a short sword, Nhat Nguyet with a double ring and Thien Son with a traditional fan. Not only bringing a feeling of closeness to the player, all shapes of the characters and weapons are extremely carefully groomed in terms of images, bringing a surprise for a game of only 400mb.


The game will be officially released at the end of October here with great expectations of the gaming community. Let’s wait for Dao Hoa Kiem Mobile and experience this extreme game from NPH Funtap.

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/daohoakiemfuntap/

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