Unrivaled Swordsman 2: Giveaway every month, gamers smile when receiving valuable outgame gifts

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With the spirit of gaming – having fun, game publishers Unparalleled Pride 2 constantly releasing hot trending gifts every month, making the community of this game bustling a lot. Not to mention, in addition to outgame gifts, NPH also “pleases” gamers with ingame gift packages worth up to 7 million VND.

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Some gamers can’t help but be happy when they receive outgame gifts from NPH. In addition, gamers also receive useful ingame items such as shirts, pillows, phone cards of many denominations, … At the same time, the Board of Gamers community also creates a playground for you to show your talents through. Livestream activities on Fanpage with the player’s own acc. You can completely show the world how strong your character is, how well you fight.

Show off your talent to the world and receive gifts

Receiving a gift is smiling like this ^^

There are gifts every month!!!!!

It is known that Tieu Dao Ky Ngo is the fateful meeting of Tieu Dao through the gift of a team card Tieu Dao – TIEUDAOLENH for participating players. Tieu Dao’s martial arts enthusiasts must have been a land of “settling down” for his life as a wanderer.

The lucky meeting with Tieu Dao will help the great comrade go smoothly on the road of pilgrimage

Tieu Dao is considered to be the most flexible of the eight great sects of Ngoo Kiem Wu Song 2, “underground and punched to death by elephants”. By hearing the name Tieu Dao, many gamers think that it is “feminine”, fragile and weak, and so on. However, do not rush to “see the face to catch the picture”, because Tieu Dao is considered a stronger sex than Shaolin or Wudang. In real life, it’s like that, in the game, it can’t be inferior to anyone. Whether placed in attack or defense, Tieu Dao still fulfills his mission well.

Tieu Dao is famous for his long “tree”

Skills such as Bac Minh Than Cong – the more enemies, the greater the damage, Life and Death Phu deals fatal damage to those affected by edema, Steaming Minh Tam Phat can deal damage through ice walls, Tieu Vo Tuong Cong, The Unique Self helps to limit and restore vitality, … from damage to resistance, shields are enough, if Tieu Dao has more buff features, then… what the outcome is surely everyone knows. The Jianghu will probably no longer compete for the throne of the lord, because of such a dominion, who can be the enemy?


To quickly experience this powerful sect, we cordially invite you to join MCM Tieu Dao launching at 10 am (September 14). Here, other sects still have land to show off their skills, the war for the throne has never ended. Therefore, go to MCM Tieu Dao to experience and receive outgame gifts every month.
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