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Mobi VNG Basketball: A chance to fight side by side with the VBA team

Street sports fans Mobi Basketball VNG are excited to invite each other to register as actors and especially the opportunity to meet and practice and compete with famous VBA team talents such as Henry Nguyen, Gia Lan, Tam Dinh. What are you waiting for drunkers to register together from now until the end of September 14 by directly inboxing personal information (full name, height, weight, playing experience) basketball) and send unedited photos (portrait, full body) to the official fanpage of Basketball Mobi here.


Henry said: “I am eagerly waiting for the opportunity to play with the drunkers of Mobi VNG Basketball”. And Tam Dinh was equally enthusiastic when he shared, “I’m thinking of taking a break after a fierce season, but where there’s Basketball, there’s me. See you drunkers soon.”

Not only have the opportunity to participate in the new project of Mobi VNG Basketball, but drunkers also have the opportunity to interact with their idols. What could be more interesting than that! Only 2 days left for those who are passionate and love the sport Street basketball Don’t forget to quickly register at Mobi Basketball’s official fanpage!

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