Apex Legends conflict escalates, developers and gamer community “openly”

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Since the Legendary Hunt started, on the Reddit forum of Apex Legends There are always waves of complaints from players, but recently the dissatisfaction of gamers has been pushed higher and higher. Careless words from the developer Respawn Studios aggravate the conflict between the two sides.​


The beginning of it all was after the developer apologized for a failed operation, a player expressed not to apologize so easily, because it is likely that Respawn Studios had a plan in place from the beginning. (referring to wanting to dry the player’s wallet). To such a comment, a developer employee with ID dko5 replied: “Of course not, we are human, so we make mistakes too.” This statement was nothing, but his next words completely angered the gaming community.


In response to a comment that scolded Respawn as “Blood sucking bastards”, dko5 said, “Hey guys, look, I just found the idiot I was talking about earlier. Guess what, I didn’t even read your comment, except for the first and last one, this trash isn’t worth answering.” Not long after, Respawn’s community page manager Jay Frechette also commented to express his dissatisfaction with the player’s offensive and abusive behavior. No need to guess, Apex Legends’ forum was flooded with disgruntled comments.


Today, the CEO of Respawn, Vince Zampella, had to apologize to the player for the somewhat extreme words of his staff. This CEO expressed with malicious comments that threaten the lives of employees and family members, he will always stand with employees. At the same time, he will also strive to build a healthier, more active and open community. Sorry but we still don’t know if the rift between developers and players after this incident will be mended.​

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