Unreleased Black Desert Mobile already has 1 million registrations

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In an exhibition last November 23, Black Desert Mobile making the whole gaming community stand still when introducing its superiority compared to other titles MMORPG normally. Product by Korean developer Pearl Abyss shows mobile games can reach a completely different level, with stunning graphics and user-friendly customization. Immediately after opening early registration in Korea, the homepage of Black Desert Mobile flooded with a huge number of visitors and soon broke all records.


According to the director of strategy Ham Young-chul of Pearl Abyss, the number of pre-registered gamers has reached 1 million people after only 7 days of opening. He also said Black Desert Mobile is still being optimized before the launch date in Korea to be able to bring the best experience to gamers. The international version is expected to be released in 2018.


Game trailers:

So far, the official trailer is still the only image that gamers and the media have about Black Desert Mobile. With what is shown, it is very likely that this will be the mobile game that reaches the highest level of harmony and action, which no game has ever achieved so far.

Black Desert Mobile is the mobile version of the game Black Desert Onlinewas released worldwide by Pearl Abyss in 2015. Black Desert Online cost 1 million dollars to develop but brought in 300 million dollars and more than 8 million players after only 2 years of release.​

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