PUBG gamers “protest”, demanding the developer to lock China

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Hack problem is the headache of every online game and PUBG Nor is it an exception. In fact, Hack and anti-Hack in PUBG is happening more fiercely than any virtual entertainment product ever. Active for less than a year and has just entered the official release phase for less than 1 month, but PUBG has already paid off 1.5 million Hack/Cheat accounts.. And like the father of PUBG himself. Brendan Greene confirmed, 99% of them are from China.

For gamers who play PUBG every day, this is really not strange. However, the anger at that painful problem has now officially exploded strongly, sparking a “protest” that has spread across social networks and game forums.

Image of one of the many Hack tools that the “dirty” guys in PUBG use.

It all started right after PUBG released a new Update with the introduction of the new Report mechanism in Replay mode and the compensation of missing Battle Points for gamers. However, I don’t understand why, but right under the Update announcement, gamers discuss a completely different issue. They think that instead of focusing on the Battle Point (BP) problem, the developer should solve the Hack problem right away. Many people say that PUBG must implement a region lock, which means that accounts from China can only play in the China region.


These debates immediately led to a series of other gamers shouting for Bluehole “Region Lock” must be implemented. Use hashtags #RegionLockChina, the PUBG gaming community “encircled” all PUBG forums and social networks.. sparking the largest movement ever in locking down the region with this country of 1.4 billion people. On the game’s official Facebook page, you can also see that almost every comment section talks about the issue of locking the China region to limit Hackers. The game’s Steam page also witnessed a similar image when nearly 450 pages and 430 pages were flooded with the hashtag #RegionLockChina.


In view of the situation, currently Bluehole and PUBG Corporation have not made an official announcement. However, with its reputation as a game that is quite thorough in responding to gamers (try looking at PUBG’s Facebook and Twitter whenever there is a problem with the game), perhaps fans PUBG won’t have to wait long.

All information about the event will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible.

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