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PUBG with the crazy storm sweeping through the virtual entertainment industry without paying attention to the worries of gamers.. especially Mobile gamers. When these Knives Out, Rules of Survival nice Survival Royale The community was still overwhelmed when Tencent hit 2 versions at the same time PUBG Mobile.


However, in the midst of such “superheroes”, there is still a name that has an ambition to succeed with its own style. Yes we are talking Unknown Royal Battle – A clone of PUBG with a slightly Minecraft-style graphic style is attracting a large number of Mobile gamers.


Not as large as PUBG, Unknown Royal Battle lets gamers step foot on a deserted island where 20 players will compete for the last position of survival. Starting with nothing, players will have to scavenge weapons and equipment to protect themselves from dangers on all sides. However, the interesting thing is that most of what you see in PUBG is Unknown Royal Battle.. Only the game shows the graphics in Minecraft’s sharp square style.


This will help weakly configured Smartphones that have not been able to play Knives Out or Rules of Survival to be easily accessible without having to worry about the device getting hot or lagging. In addition to simple shapes, gamers can also detect enemies more easily without being hindered by complex objects on the screen.


Although it is not a PUBG-style game that plays on Mobile at the moment, but Unknown Royal Battle still a name worth trying or even changing the wind when playing those games too much. Readers can download the game for free directly here:


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