Boy with millions of likes from Audition ‘lost’ going around groups on facebook

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If you are a member of some groups of the game Audition Surely no one will not know the guy with the nickname Pham Van Loc. It’s not because of the high vip, the rich or the handsome model that many girls dream of, but the reason why this gamer is widely known for constantly spamming the community with his 1001 nuanced selfies with scary frequency.


It is his defiant confidence that this 94-born gamer from Khanh Hoa received many “bricks and stones” as well as jokes from everyone. Many people think that the guy plays like a virtual life, but it seems that all the axes of public opinion can’t extinguish that incomparable spirit of self-love. “If I like it, I’ll post it.” His posts receive a lot of likes and comments from many other members of the community, thanks to which he is nicknamed “hot boy million likes”, although most of them are sarcastic comments. .

After a while being the main character in the group Audition communitynow this “million-like boy” has expanded its area of ​​activity to other forums and groups on facebook, from the hostel search group, gym club, cat lover association, even to the Gunny game community, Lien Lien Mobile,… Still with his self-described handsome style, spamming other members with a series of his different selfies, this guy, wherever he is, becomes the focus of backlash. over there.

At first, it can be assumed that this guy just posted “making tricks” like that for fun, because after all, the group is a common community of all participating members, where everyone can freely interact. , share together. So it’s fair to say our guy didn’t break any rules. But to the extent that spamming from group to group like this is a real concern. I don’t know if young people want to attract attention, live virtual, like sentences or is there a reason behind?​

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