Xbox Series X secret data stolen, hacker demands $100 million ransom

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AMD – A multinational integrated semiconductor company based in Texas has confirmed that the data file containing the source code of some current and future GPUs (graphics processing units) has been deleted. hacker stealing, which includes Xbox Series X. Hackers are demanding a huge ransom of up to 100 million dollars or they will post all the information online.


The thief contacted the company last December and then started uploading some files to Github. ADM sent a request to remove the post to Github because these data files are all “intellectual property owned and stolen from ADM”, “the only solution now is to completely delete them. ” ADM’s complaint was resolved by Github on Tuesday, March 24, and all files have been removed from the site.

In its statement, AMD also said that the hacker was also in possession of the company’s “confidential data”, including the GPU source code of the company. Xbox Series X and is currently trying to sell them. “If AMD or anyone wants it, contact me and bring the ransom money, otherwise I will release it all online,” the hacker announced on Github. It is known that the ransom demanded by this hacker is up to 100 million dollars.


Although the incident happened in December, ADM has only made it public to the press now. However, according to the company, this is not too serious a problem: “Although we know that the perpetrator has stolen absolutely confidential data files about our graphics products, it not the core. We are working closely with law enforcement to investigate this matter.”

It’s unclear if this issue will directly affect the Xbox Series X, but for now, it’s clear that the biggest obstacle is the exploding Covid-19 pandemic, which has greatly delayed production. According to analysts, the price of the Series X box may be higher than originally expected due to a shortage of components and difficult production processes. Furthermore, exclusive games for game console This like Halo Infinite is most likely to be delayed as well. However, Microsoft still aiming to release Xbox Series X on holiday 2020 as planned, so it seems fans don’t need to worry too much, it’s best to stay at home to avoid the epidemic and wait for more information.​

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