When the female version of Batman killed the Justice League to avenge her lover

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When the evil Barbatos brought his army of Dark Knights to the real world.. he unleashed the sickest versions of the real world. Batmanwho just because of another choice decided to follow the path stained with blood.. Here is it. The Batman Who Laughs – who became the Joker, The Red Death – the Flash killer to gain power, The Muder Machine – who was born from an artificial intelligence version of Alfred, and The Dawnbreaker – the emotionless one chosen by the god ring to kill the entire Green Lantern without a single one left.

As if to extend the journey of rollicking sick versions of Batman we keep calling The Drowned – The female version of Batman has annihilated all super-powered humans around the world..


The story begins at Earth -11 (negative eleven) where women become the center of this world. We don’t have it here Bruce Wayne or Batman…but only Bryce Wayne, one of the superheroes following a career fighting crime. She falls in love with Sylvester Kyle – the male version of Catwoman, the most important person to her in this world. However, in an unfortunate event, Sylvester Kyle was suddenly killed by super-powered villains… leading to a strong nerve concussion in Bryce Wayne’s mind.


After the death of her lover, Bryce Wayne vowed to cleanse the world of anyone with supernatural powers. All but no one… good or bad can escape Bryce Wayne’s vengeance. Just like so many times Batman of the world we confront Justice League and those with power many times over, Bryce Wayne slowly killed them one by one without knowing how to back down. Until finally she declared… “The world is safe now”.

But just at the moment when Bryce Wayne seemed to begin to find peace for her heart, Aquawoman – the queen of the sea who seemed to be still on a journey of self-exile, suddenly appeared out of nowhere with a call for peace. before humans on earth. However, with her instincts, Bryce Wayne was able to see through Aquawoman’s scheme and when the negotiations broke down she decided to declare war on the queen of the ocean.


However, even with the mighty army and the power of the sea in hand, Aquawoman is nothing to the sinister mind of Bryce Wayne. During a battle inland, the Queen was ambushed and killed by Bryce with her own trident. But hatred begets hatred, hatred begets hatred… and to avenge the death of the queen, the Alantic army raised the sea level and engulfed the whole of Gotham in a cataclysm. All the lives, the people she once swore to protect and fight.. are now swollen corpses because of Bryce Wayne’s bloodlust. But like I said… hatred only breeds hatred.


In order to win the never-ending war and spiral further into the whirlwind of vengeance, Bryce decides to do the unthinkable. She performed surgery and genetically modified her body to give her body numerous biochemical upgrades. Now turned into a true half-human, half-fish monster, Bryce Wayne can breathe underwater, heal quickly, and his flesh becomes countless times stronger. Not only that, she also holds a dark power that turns the inhabitants of Atlanstis into bloodthirsty monsters under her control..

However, things do not stop there because now in Bryce Wayne’s sick brain, this world can only be saved when it is submerged under the ocean.. And so she turns the Earth into a shirt that fits neatly. in the palm of your hand and the creatures turned into monsters that obeyed their commands.

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