Fake application to be a Net shop employee, the young man ran away with money during his shift

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Theft – the story is neither old nor new when it has existed for a long time and still happens as usual, is a problem that makes net shop owner must have a headache. Despite being very careful, but with increasingly sophisticated tricks of the subjects, it only takes a minute of neglect, sometimes people net business suffer very heavy consequences. Even sometimes, those “bad crying” stories don’t come from customers or outside thieves, but from the shopkeepers, who are often trusted by the owner. , entrusting all the work as well as the property of the shop.

Taking advantage of this, many professional thieves and scammers have devised an extremely sophisticated trick, which is to pretend to be an employee at the net shop and then take advantage of the opportunity to “steal” the shop’s assets.

That is the case that a net shop owner recently encountered. More sophisticated, the subject also forged documents in the application file named Nguyen Van Tay, born in 1997, permanent address in Chau Phu, An Giang. Initially, the subject proved to be docile, gentle, working hard to gain the trust of the shop owner. After 3 days, he took all the money in his shift and ran away.

Portrait of the subject falsifying job applications for the purpose of fraud

But fortunately, the owner of the restaurant later found this scammer. The article was shared to warn other colleagues to be more careful in the selection and supervision of employees.

Not only with the above crime, the subject was also accused by another shop owner of opening a cabinet and “wrongly holding” the phone of his staff.


It is true that you know people, you know your face, you don’t know your heart. With theft at the play Station Because the employees themselves are hired to work at the store like the above case, the shop owners should be more careful in hiring people as well as supervising their employees. Don’t wait until you “lose your cows to build a barn”.

This is also an expensive lesson for anyone in the profession. Hopefully with the enthusiastic help from the online community, the owner of this net shop will quickly find the object to get back the lost property.​

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