The most disappointing superhero costumes on screen (P.2)

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In the series about superheroes of the cinematic universe MarvelIn addition to the beautiful techniques and thrilling scenarios, the superheroes’ battle costumes are also one of the most important factors. However, not all superheroes have majestic and mighty suits like those of Iron Man and Captain America. There are many characters that have to wear battle uniforms that make the audience feel a bit disappointed when comparing the book and the movie. Here are the costumes of the superheroes that fans think they want to change the most.

4. Nova Corps

According to netizens’ comments, the costumes of the galactic police group Nova Corps look like cheap, low-quality space suits. Compared to the image in the movie, the Comic page of this group feels much more solid and majestic. Not only that, the addition of an iron helmet on the head increases the bravery of the battle uniform.


5. Medusa

Medusa’s costume in the movie has a similar color to the original. However, it may be due to the meager material that makes the costume not very aesthetically pleasing and also reduces a lot of Medusa’s temperament. Especially the classic hair, Medusa’s icon when on the screen is equally disappointing.

6. Daredevil

Originally, Daredevil’s costume in the movie was not too ugly. But if you compare it with the original in Comic, this image will be a bit inferior. In the story, Davedevil wearing a brave outfit, with a large 2 D symbol on the chest, giving it a very cold and mysterious feeling.

7. Quicksilver

Quicksilver first appeared in Avengers: Age of Ultron, but the audience especially noticed this character in the X-men series. The reason is largely because Quicksilver’s costume in Avengers 2 was commented on as terrible. The battle uniform does not have the appearance of a superhero but is completely a “sportswear”. The most notable is the scene of Quicksilver standing next to Scarlet Witch, people will think they are hanging out on the street rather than superheroes engaged in a battle with the enemy.

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