Ruined Earth Action – Experience the breathtaking zombie hunting survival game

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Waste Earth Action is a mobile game with a fairly new theme in the middle of China’s diverse role-playing game market, the game follows a completely new gameplay and genre that many people are still quite unfamiliar with this game series.​


The game is set in the world during the zombie pandemic, in which people struggle for life every day, existence in this world is always the fear of life by the Zombies wandering around the city. will attack you anytime. Therefore, life here is like a lamp before the wind, not only trying to destroy Zmobie but also having to find food sources to survive.


Entering the game, the first thing players will experience is DIY their own character, you will be free to choose for the character creation to participate in the game such as hair color, skin tone, body shape, even choosing a country. This is tied to what area you will be surviving in in your choice, each area will have different characteristics, so players should learn carefully to have a fun experience.​


The player will start with empty hands, your task is to collect essential items to survive such as fruit, firewood, stone … followed by crafting rudimentary weapons like hammer, ax, from simple items to survive initially, players will continue to search for materials to make heavy weapons such as guns, and of course, the ability to damage will be higher and the chance Your survival is also higher. Besides, you can also ally with other players, but it requires mutual trust because competing for necessities to survive is what will happen between players.​


Now the game is available on iOS, you can be interested download games Follow the link below, all the latest information will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com in the near future.

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