Twisted Fate – The 51st general of the Teamfight Tactics?

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Who is the 51st general of the Arena of Truth in League of Legends? The question is asked by many gamers to the publisher, and recently Riot has been listening to everyone with a status line along with a clipped image. It’s not too difficult when players recognize this as part of the image of the Twisted Fate outfit.

Twisted Fate is the first new champion to be added to the Tactics Arena game mode among 150 different names from League of Legends. The first tweet that hints at the new champion comes from the creator of the Arena of Truth – Riot Wittrock.

twisted fate

Twisted Fate – The 51st general of the Arena of Truth

Last night, Riot designer Wittrock shared on his Twitter page with a close-up image of a new champion coming to the game mode. As soon as the identity of the new champion was determined, fans were able to guess quite easily that it was Twisted Fate, through the skin of Youth in League of Legends.

twisted fate

The 51st champion will be Twisted Fate, and it looks like he’ll be wearing his Cutpurse skin when added to the Teamfight Tactics. Riot has shared on social media sites and confirmed that Twisted Fate will indeed be the next champion added in the upcoming 9.14 update of League of Legends.

With League of Legends updates coming out every two weeks, it looks like this could be how we see new champions added from now on. It is possible that we will see more champions added in the future in updates, similar to how Riot handles bugs and new skins.

twisted fate

Twisted Fate is a pre-existing story-based pirate, based on his in-game ability, it looks like Twisted Fate will be a Pirate and a Mage, but it’s not known exactly what he will use. Which skill to use in the Teamfight Tactics, it’s hard to say for sure. However, with this addition, the Pirate team promises to have one more quality option to build the squad.

Until now, there has not been any accurate information from Riot Games about the skill of the God of Twisted Fate, what it will be and how to perform, what we can do now is wait until the day this new champion appeared, debuted in the Arena of Truth, specifically in the updated version of League of Legends 9.14 coming here.
System League of Legends Truth Arena mission appeared in the latest update today, when players experience can perform tasks and receive rewards and gifts to make the game process better.

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