How to upgrade the Tactical Arena Beast

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Summoned Beasts may not be the main focus of Teamfight Tactics, but they are certainly the most indispensable and adorable part of this new mode. Not everyone knows about upgrading the Tactical Arena Beast, follow the article for more information.

Getting new Summons and figuring out how to upgrade them can be difficult for many people. So we’ve got a complete list of how Upgrade for Spirit Beast your lovely, make your Tactics game more attractive.

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The fastest way to own rare summoned beasts in the Arena of Truth

How to get the first Summon

To get their first little tactical companion, players will have a few different options. The first is simply to buy what you want. In the League of Legends store, Riot offers eggs containing one of six types of Miniatures (Silverwing, Featherknight, Runespirit, Furyhorn, Molediver, or Hauntling) and the appropriate Summoner symbol. These eggs cost 150 RP and can only be purchased once.

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The second option is to purchase random groups of Summoned Beast eggs that are also available in the store. The options here are Group 1 or Group 2 eggs. They contain either a Group 1 Silverwing, Hauntling and Furyhorn or a Group 2 Runespirit, Featherknight, Molediver. These eggs cost 99 RP and can be purchased as many times as you want. or until you have earned all the varieties and levels of the Summons in it.

The last and least expensive way to get your first Summon is to complete a number Tactics Arena quest system which NPH has recently updated. These quests appear on the Tactics main interface and you will earn your first egg when you reach 100 points. This egg can contain any Beast.

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How can I upgrade the Beast?

To upgrade your Summons, you’ll need to buy more of them and depend on your luck at higher level spawns. Each Summon has 6 different variations and the rarity is gradually reduced. Among these are three quality tiers that make your Summons grow bigger and get more items. To get the Summon to the next floor, you need a lot of luck to unlock a variety of colors for the exact same Summon you want to upgrade.

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Unfortunately, there are no items or tools for you to discard what you have and get what you want, but that’s okay, there are still over a hundred different types for players to collect so it’s still worth buying quite a few eggs.
The above is the fastest and most effective method to help players upgrade the Beast in the Arena of Truth, in addition, you can also complete the weekly mission to receive support rewards for upgrading the following Beast. this. You can refer to the things you need to know about The Beast in the Truth Arena League of Legends us, to get to know this adorable little creature.

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