Turning VLTKm tension – Wife enters the game to fight jealousy and warn her husband’s “wife”

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Even though I know that compared to dozens of other social evils, the “crushing” of the game is still much more positive after all. But in fact, there have been many funny situations before from the side of the “worms” of the game, because they were so absorbed in “fighting” that it affected their outside life. In particular, most of those unfortunate situations come from gamers who are married, or have lovers, when their time is not only used to satisfy their passions, but also have to spend time for their children’s happiness. his small.

Of course, the game and half of the gamers are not always at opposite extremes. There are even girls who are very psychological when encouraging and creating the best conditions for their lovers and husbands to play games as comfortably as possible. But playing games is one thing, entering the game to “listen”, “swing” or this or that is a completely different story. Whatever the reason, wherever, in the virtual world or in real life, finding out that her husband/lover is intimate and affectionate with the opposite sex is something that no girl can accept and accept. quiet.

A tragic situation similar to the above happened recently in the player community Martial Arts Mobile when a male gamer’s wife entered the game group to warn her husband’s “wife” in the game.​


According to the wife’s narration, the female character mentioned above named BN is married to the husband of the hostess in the game. The fact that her lover or husband goes to a wedding, marrying another girl in the game is already a story that makes many women “bloody”, even though the game is inherently a virtual world. On the other hand, the “lady” in the other game often posts pictures of her ingame love with “husband”, so her personal facebook is accompanied by emotional and passionate captions that make the wife in real life can’t stand it. If you can’t stand it any longer, you have to give a warning.


“You see, my husband never dares to post pictures of hugging you or holding your hand on Facebook, but you keep dreaming of longing when he is lying next to me. I feel sorry for you, but you are confident enough that your husband loves you and has feelings for you through the game, then at that time I don’t need a guy who neglects his wife and children to stick his head in the game, because one child lives online. sooty. Confident enough that her husband left the family, I will miss her husband. If you hold my husband’s hand and walk in the middle of the street, no one will say anything.”

The article, after being shared, immediately received hundreds of followers and comments from the community playing this game. People are fed up with the association of people who have “owners” who are still blatantly “listening”. People tag their lovers, their husbands to face it. Some people advise the wife to immediately buy an acc to enter the husband management game for easy or “harder” to dell all the husband’s acc.


Through the “warning” of this wife, it is enough to see that, even though addicted to games, it is still much better than when men head into other social evils. But let’s have fun, don’t be too happy lest it become a “thorn” in your eyes, and also don’t affect your current happiness because of virtual relationships!

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