Admire the transparent 4-button machine made from scrap

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For 8X and early 9X gamers, “four-button electronics” is like a mantra that strongly evokes childhood years. The image of children huddled together in an electronic store or a picture of a hand with a neighbor is deeply imprinted in our minds.. Those who are easy now have their own mini versions of the game, so when they accidentally see the four-button machine Many of us will have an indescribable feeling of euphoria. But when you see them restored under a completely new coat, you will be even more amazed.


Yes we are talking about products of Rose Colored Gaming – a place that specializes in providing game console old life but restored under a completely new coat. By collecting components from the machine SNES removed, Rose Colored Gaming will repair and assemble them into complete gaming devices… Before transforming with a sleek and trendy look. Witness the machines NES once associated with childhood, now wears the appearance of a device with modern technology.. it really makes us feel lightheaded.

Above all, by seeing the internal components firsthand thanks to the transparent coating, we also return to the curiosity and excitement of the old days where we saw the four-button machine for the first time. Currently, the transparent version of the SNES has not been officially sold by Rose Colored Gaming, but in the future it will be released as a limited edition, so the price must also be “expensive”.

All information about the special SNES and many other Rose Colored Gaming products will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible. For more information readers can visit:

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