Dragon Ball Z releases 15-minute gameplay trailer, game release date revealed

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For fans of Dragon Ball, the role-playing masterpiece Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Definitely one of the games not to be missed this year. After a long wait, finally Bandai Namco also revealed the official release date of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. It is known that the game will launch on January 17, 2020 on PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms.

Kakarot is a title role-playing game In addition to fighting, players can also freely move around the locations to complete side quests as well as exploit minerals. Not like the fighting games another, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot controls the character to follow the storyline like in the Anime. Speaking during E3 2019, the project director said the idea for this setup was to let players “be immersed in what Goku feels in different moments.” If you are a fan of Dragon Ball Z and are looking for something different from previous role-playing games, this is absolutely a bright spot worth trying.​


In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, players can play the role of many other characters, not just Goku, such as Gohan, Piccolo, Vegeta… Besides, familiar characters like Chiaotzu, Krillin, Tien Shinhan or Yamcha will also appear in a supporting role during the battle.​


Players can now pre-order Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot from today on Steam. By joining the pre-order, players will get early access to Bonyu’s training, a free cooking item, and the side quest “A Competitive Party With Friends. The Collectible Edition will include a copy of PS4 or Xbox One, a hardcover artbook, and a collectible steelbook.​

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