Turn “stretch” Audition – Two hot girls top Vip fight solo to delete acc to stop the game

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Audition Previously, it was a place that was quite famous for the tolerance of gamers, gathering many players with good economic conditions, so the loudspeaker sales, VIP characters on the world channel, or solo bets went up. up to a few dozen, even a few hundred million is easy to see in this self-proclaimed music paradise. The reasons are all different: friction, contradiction, high and low fate, betting, or sometimes having nothing to do, asking each other to solo for fun.

Specifically, recently, in an Audition group forum, the members were once again confused by the battle of words between two hot girls. More specifically, these are all the “face-to-face” players in the top Vip of the game, active in the community known to many other members.

According to Emergenceingame.Com’s initial research, this is a solo game “spending money” taking place between two gamers Hoa Thi My Le and Tran Nhat Lien. The cause of this “fiery” battle is known to stem from unnecessary frictions and conflicts, often competing and antagonizing each other in the community between the two beauties. Typically, Hoa Thi My Le’s recent public challenge.

“This year, I’m racing giants. Who can surpass the top 1 voluntarily dell acc. Correcting a sentence, what age does the dwarf Lien ask to surpass me?”


Very quickly, Tran Nhat Lien responded, loudly declaring that there was no one better than himself in the game’s icon and soliciting 1vs1 solo to rename or delete the character’s wings. Whoever loses will have to accept to delete the acc, quit the game. If you don’t accept the solo form in the game, both can livestream outside to go to the store to buy bags, whoever spends more money will win.


In the comments of the article, the two continue to argue, but it seems that the way of “competition” has not been agreed by the two beauties. Tran Nhat Lien still insists on soloing in one of the two ways mentioned above, and Hoa Thi My Le wants to meet each other directly outside, meeting Lien outside Hanoi. Even “gentle” ready to book tickets for the opponent.

This war of words will hardly end if the group administrator does not then block comments on this post. However, it seems that things have not stopped there as the two continue to attack each other with other posts on the group.

The girl Hoa Thi My Le in real life

Tran Nhat Lien in real life

Currently, the incident is still attracting great attention from other members of the community. And I don’t know what form our two giant hot girls will choose to distinguish their high and low “luxury” here?

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