The male lead Shazam reacts when the superhero costume is disparaged

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As the media has reported before, the movie Shazam of the house DC starring actor Zachary Levi revealed behind-the-scenes images, but this also caused mixed reactions from fans about the battle costume of the actor. Shazam. Recently, Zachary Levi – who plays Shazam had a livestream on his personal page to chat with fans, and at the same time, he also spoke out against the criticism surrounding the incident.


Although the producer has not announced the official poster of the character creation yet Shazam, but from the behind-the-scenes photos released, it is clear that this superhero’s combat outfit is visible. Besides the compliments about the red clothes, which are quite similar to the original image of the character in the comic version. Not only that, the actor’s healthy physique with solid muscles is also one of the points that attract attention. There are still criticisms that this suit has nothing to do with a superhero’s costume. During a recent livestream with fans, Zachary Levi also mentioned his views on the audience’s mixed comments. Zachary Levi said that the visuals and costumes in the comics are really pretty in terms of both style and color. Therefore, when putting it on film, the production team decided to keep this outstanding red color. He also added, although he is sure that there will be many people who are not satisfied with this type of combat outfit, the actor personally feels satisfied with it.

Currently, the film has been confirmed to be directed by a horror film Lights Out – David F. Sandberg directs the production, the main actor is actor Zachary Levi (who played the supporting role of Fandral in the series). Thor of the Marvel Studios). Although the movie of DC always a little bit of a dark side. But Zachary Levi also revealed that Shazam it will be a movie like Guardians of the Galaxy of the house Marvel. Not only that, the actor also expressed his desire to see “Amazon warrior woman”. Wonder Woman participate in this film project.


Movie about our new superhero DCShazam tells the story of Billy Batson (Shazam), a homeless boy, without a home but very kind and helpful to people. One day, the boy was taken down a mysterious subway line by a stranger. The boy was picked up by an unmanned tram and taken to the wizard’s cave Shazam and here, the Wizard gave Billy the spell to change his body into an adult and took the name Captain Marvel (Shazam). And when saying this spell, there will be a magic lightning that hits him and turns him into Captain Marvel and says 1 time Shazam more to go back to being Billy.

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