After 1 year of release, NieR: Automata still has a hidden ending that has never been discovered

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About a year ago, NieR: Automata suddenly appeared, just like “falling from the sky”, to make gamers crazy about its “quality”, goodness, and “unlike anyone” things. It’s understandable, since the person behind this game is Yoko Taro, a true “mutant” in the ranks of game makers. Unique and disruptive, these are the most accurate descriptions of all the games made by Yoko Taro’s hands. A game as good and attractive as NieR: Automata, has obviously received a ton of attention since its release. Gamers around the world, including hardcore Yoko Taro fans, have meticulously “digged three layers of soil” just to uncover all of the game’s secrets, including the Easter Eggs and related details. regarding the previous game. With unremitting efforts, they found (apparently) all 26 endings of the game (of which 21 are of the “Joke Ending” type), including Ending Y which is extremely difficult to achieve. .

Battle with Hidden Boss in Ending Y

However, when gamers all felt “satisfied” with these 26 endings, Yoko Taro suddenly spoke up about a hidden link never found, as to “laugh in the face” of the innocence of all of us.

“It is an ending that has yet to be discovered. The developers haven’t made it public yet, thinking it’s terrible. For many objective reasons, it still exists in the game. Because it can cause some problems, the developer decided not to say anything more about this ending. Think of it as the ‘last secret’ of NieR: Automata.”


Besides this secret, in an interview with Famitsu, Yoko Taro also said that he has plans for an upcoming game, most likely to be released on the 10th anniversary of the first NieR title (2020). . Given the successes of NieR: Automata, obviously Square Enix will not ignore this “golden egg”, and it is possible that the game he mentioned will be a sequel to the game. However, we are talking about “mutant” Yoko Taro, so everything is just “possible”.

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