Try Bang Bang 2: League of Legends gamers will love it

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BangBang 2 to be webgame MOBA has a very different casual character on the market, from the context to the way of fighting experience. The game possesses familiar 2D graphics, and at the same time has an extremely creative MOBA-style combat mechanism revolving around different types of Tanks. This will make fans of traditional MOBAs like League of Legends feel very familiar yet very new, thereby making the experience extremely enjoyable.


Participating in the battle of BangBang 2, players will move their Tank with WASD keys, combining mouse actions to control the attack direction and other shortcuts to use specific skills. The overview of the game’s controls is relatively simple, it only takes a little time to get used to it. Especially to transform the fighting ability, each type of Tank will have a talent table, different combat stats and it is important to have tactical coordination to bring about a common victory for the whole team.


In the immediate future, Bang Bang 2 will have four main play mechanisms: Duel Duel with a variety of maps, Normal and Ranked Match with MOBA standard 5vs5 map, finally Firepower with extremely fast skill recovery, allowing players to unleash the perfect combos. In addition, the game also has a battle with AI, divided into two levels of difficulty so that players can practice and hunt for materials to increase their strength. In particular, the system of 5vs5 maps is quite interesting, with a defensive fortress layout, small soldiers appear, forest monsters receive buffs or the main house is exactly the same as the originals. MOBA game prevailing today. It should also be added that before going to battle, players will be able to choose which tank to use, skins and customize the Summoner’s Magic table, which is relatively easy to understand for MOBA fans..


In general, BangBang 2 is a webgame that carries all the quintessence of MOBA games mixed with casual to create a different attraction for me. Therefore, if you are a fan of MOBA games like League of Legends, surely when you first experience Bang Bang 2, the first impression will be extremely good. It is expected that this product will be released to gamers at the end of this December.

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