CrossFire: Legends: Own AK47-Gilt and VIP Lora for 1 GEM

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Attendance 7 days


Deposit 1 GEM to receive AK47-Gilt (September 16-22): Every day gunners who load 1 GEM can receive VIP gifts, in addition to an extremely attractive 380 GEM milestone. Items can be stacked and events reset every day.​

  • Deposit 1 GEM to receive: AK47-Gilt (3 days), GEM refund x159
  • Deposit 380 GEM and receive: Shovel-Gilt (3 days), Anaconda-Gilt (3 days), Lora (2 days), GEM refund x591

Deposit GEM to receive DE VIP Inferno (September 18-22): During the event period, when reloading GEM, the gunner can receive the refunded GEM and VIP weapon forever.​

  • Load 2709 GEM to receive: GEM refund x2709
  • Deposit 4999 GEM to receive: USP-Earl Forever
  • Top up 8888 GEM to receive: M4A1-Gilt Forever
  • Top up 9999 GEM to receive: M4A1-Predator Forever
  • Deposit 15090 GEM receive: GEM refund x8888
  • Deposit 21090 GEM to get: Kukri-Beast Eternal
  • Deposit 27090 GEM get: DE-VIP Inferno Forever
  • Deposit 30090 GEM to receive: GEM refund x9999

Spend GEM receive AK47-VIP Inferno (September 14 – 18): During the event period, if you spend GEM reaching the milestone, the marksmen can receive gifts including GEM, weapons and awakening stones.​

  • Spend 2709 GEM to receive: GEM refund x279
  • Spend 4999 GEM to get: Permanent Pixel Hammer
  • Spend 9999 GEM to get: AK47-Noble Dragon Eternal
  • Spend 12709 GEM receive: GEM refund x1999
  • Spend 14999 GEM to get: Eternal AWM-Inferno Dragon
  • Spend 21999 GEM receive: GEM refund x3709
  • Spend 27090 GEM to get: Eternal Furry Bow
  • Spend 32709 GEM: AA12-HellFire Awakening Stone x30
  • Spend 52709 GEM to receive: AK47-VIP Inferno Forever

In addition, the super daily training is still going on. Shooters don’t miss it!
Find out more information about Crossfire Legends here:​

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