Super product Beyond Good and Evil 2 reveals a cast of characters more material than distilled water

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After fifteen years of waiting, finally Ubisoft also announced Beyond Good and Evil there will be part 2. And since the eye-catching trailer of this game was released in E3 2018gamers are all looking forward to the day Beyond Good and Evil 2 released like never before. Ubisoft recently released an announcement introducing the main characters in the game, so that players have a clearer view of this game. Let’s take a look at the important characters in this game with Emergenceingame.Com.


Unlike the previous part, this game will revolve around the story of pirates. In Beyond Good and Evil 2 players will play as a captain of a space pirate ship, the player needs to recruit more crew members for themselves.​

UMA: Doctor who cures disease


A mysterious Indian, a follower of the Shiva sect (one of the three most influential sects in contemporary Hinduism), in the game’s trailer, this character uses acupuncture to treat For crew members, when the acupuncture needle encounters poisonous objects, it will automatically turn red. This is a character specializing in healing and providing medicine for players.

PEY’ J: Main Chef


This is a character that appeared in part 1 of the game, in this part 2 the pig PEY’ J will still be a trustworthy and honest character, always standing shoulder to shoulder, providing food for the crew.

Callum: Genius Engineer

A Scottish engineer with super high IQ, in the game this character will have the task of repairing and upgrading boats for players.


The Gada’s AI: Artificial intelligence

In the trailer, this character appears while playing chess with Callum, in the game The Gada’s AI appears in many places, providing necessary information for the crew.


Jade: Characters from the original version

Jade is a character that has appeared since the original version, but in this comeback in part 2, she has ‘transformed’, becoming a vicious villain, and also an enemy that the player needs to defeat. .


Beyond Good and Evil 2 is still in the works, so there’s no official release date yet. Emergenceingame.Com will continue to update the latest news about this game to readers as soon as possible.

You can watch more trailers for the game here:

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