Conquera launches Open Beta during Comic Fiesta 2017 in Malaysia

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Following Closed Beta Experience, Classic PK MMORPG Infinity War has continued to launch the Open Beta Testing (OBT) phase – a big step to bring gamers closer to the upcoming official release! Players can now Download the Game’s OBT installer at: and receive a free Launch Pack that includes a lot of Useful In-Game Items.

To launch, Publisher Cherry Credits in collaboration with Gamesberry, Armaggeddon and MSI introduced the Open Beta version of Infinity War at Comic Fiesta 2017 in Kuala Lumpur and attracted a large number of enthusiastic gamers. .


The participating Gamers gathered at the Game area on the Comic Fiesta campus with many meaningful and interesting activities such as taking pictures with Cosplay, playing games to receive Rewards and special pictures of Blood. Infinity War and Armaggeddon items and a variety of Lucky Draw games with Prizes up to RM888. Mendy Chen, who participated in the Event, said that Infinity War “dominated the Conquera Comic Fiesta event” while friend Calvan Ng commented that the game was “super awesome” with “Fantastic Graphics and Very Cool Characters”. cool.”


According to Mr. Stanley Liew – CEO of Cherry Credits: “The Gamers’ enthusiastic response at Comic Fiesta has far exceeded our expectations. We’ve met previous The Legend of Mir Fans as well as veteran MMORPGs; Everyone is extremely excited to experience the Infinity War. The suggestions and feedback of each Gamer plays a very important role for us.”


Adapted from the game The Legend of Mir: Eternal that has been storming the Chinese Game Market, Infinity War inherits the details, content and attractive RPG gameplay of The Legend of Game Series. Mir is guaranteed to be suitable for both extreme Gamers as well as Beginners. The recent Closed Beta phase has received very positive feedback, especially from Fans of The Legend of Mir because of the Unreal 3 Engine Surrealistic graphics system and vivid sound design with 3D viewing angle. Classic simulation and friendly PK gameplay.

Blood Battle Infinity has won many awards in China, typically the following Awards: ‘Top 5 Most Favorite Online PC Game *’, ‘Best Animation**’ and ‘American Design’ The most vivid art **’. Following the CBT Phase was the debut of OBT at Comic Fiesta 2017, the Game attracted a lot of attention from the Southeast Asian gaming community. Only Strong and Brave Heroes can survive in this epic world, prove your worth and Download the Open Beta now!


Download the Open Beta version of Infinity War at:
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Instructions to receive the Infinity War OBT Launch Pack:

  • Login to Cherry Trading Portal

  • Under Events, select Infinity War Gift Code and enter OBTPR1MD

  • After successfully entering the Code, you will receive a message instructing to receive the gift in the Game at the Cherry Mailbox.​

Official Website:
Facebook Fanpage:
Video Introduction:

OBT Launch Video at Comic Fiesta:

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