Truth Arena – Tips to build the strongest Elementalist squad

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Elementalist is easy to build and extremely powerful as you only need three of them to fully activate the Elementalist buff effect. Elementalists are very strong and they can deal a lot of damage, plus the effect also deals a little damage, very powerful early game and mid game.

If you are building a squad of Elementalists, right now you will not be disappointed as they are one of the most popular tactics of Tactics, especially for beginners. In our guide to building a Teamfight Tactics Elementalist squad in League of Legends, we’ll introduce the strongest Elementalist team composition, leading you to an easy victory.


1. Elementalists Buff

– Elementalists have a passive skill like Sorcerers that gives them double mana with each basic attack.

– The activities activate their unique buff at 3 Elementalists and spawn Golems with a huge amount of health, also dealing massive damage. Golems spawn next to an Elementalist (if there is a gap) and automatically target enemy units.

2. Tips to build the strongest Teamfight Tactics Elementalist squad

A) Early Game
Elementalist is difficult to build early because you mainly rely on luck to get the Brand, the synergy of (3) Elementalists. To counter this, you need to have a solid start to the game, preventing too much health loss before you’ve completed your Elementalists lineup. Start with Lissandra & Braum, Garen, Darius and Kennen. These champions also give you a good start and try to upgrade them to 2 stars, you won’t lose too much when fighting other players.


B) Mid Game
Mid game is when the Elementalists begin to form. At level 6, your Elementalist team will be very strong because Brand is a strong carry. The Elementalist Golem, combined with Brand’s Kennen and Ultimate is enough to win many rounds, the best part is that you don’t even need to upgrade them. The core Elementalist team is like this: Lissandra, Kennen, Brand, Braum, and Ashe. Let’s add Garen as the front line, need another tanker on the front line to deal as much damage as possible and let them shoulder the lineup behind.

The most beautiful elementalist image in the world is meow building 3

C) Late Game
– During the Late Game, you must maximize the effectiveness of this Elementalist squad by adding as many synergies as possible. There are two choices: Phantoms or Demon and the choice is heavily RNG dependent, if you can’t get Kindred your last choice is to go for the Demon variant.

– Forming Phantom Elementalists is difficult but they are very powerful and relatively effective. For that comp you will need: Lissandra, Brand, Anivia, Braum, Ashe, Volibear, Sejuani, Kindred and Mordekaiser.

– In case the RNG is not on your side, you can replace Kindred for Varus and Mordekaiser with Garen, your current squad will still be relatively strong, as long as you have the units upgraded to at least 2 stars.

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If you found our strongest Teamfight Tactics Elementalist squad building tip good and helpful, be sure to share it and don’t forget to leave a comment if you have any other questions on how to build an Elementalist squad. this particular. In addition, you can also refer to the Extremely strong lineup in the Arena of Truth our team, from which to map out team building tactics, tactics that suit your playing style.

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