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PUBG Mobile players often have to come up with a lot of tactics, use them properly if they want to become a winner, and one of the popular tactics, Taimienphi wants to mention here is Camp Bridge, an important place. can reach and destroy the enemy.

The PUBG Mobile Bridge Camp strategy requires players to have a certain amount of experience, which must be effective when brought into the battle if they do not want to die. Here are some of the most effective Bridge Camp tips that players need to keep in mind.

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PUBG Mobile Bridge Camp Strategy

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Tips to Camp the most effective PUBG Mobile bridge

1. Equipment
The first thing that players need to note is equipment, you must have good weapons and full ammunition before Camp Bridge (also known as ambush). You should equip a gun with full accessories, automatically shoot and have a medium or close range, in addition, you should have a shotgun in case you need to use it. If all of the above requirements can be met by you, this will definitely be an interesting camping trip :D.

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In addition, you can also use other means of transportation to act as a barrier, hindering movement on the bridge, making it difficult for the enemy to move.

2. Camp Bridge Location
Before proceeding to move to the Camp location, you need to check the map to see the direction of the circle as well as the attraction of players back and forth. You will have a good hunt if that location leads to a safe area or is the only, closest route to move to the loot area … This is the reason why so many people want to like it. Get Camp Bridge in PUBG Mobile.

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3. Make sure you are the first to arrive
The third thing that players need to keep in mind is the number of people coming, it would be a serious mistake to assume that no one is there. Players when moving to need to carefully check the important and core positions around the bridge. To ensure this place is safe, has a convenient location for you to Camp well, Taimienphi advises you to go to a high and convenient position to be able to see enemies hiding above or around your Camp location. .

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4. Don’t stay in one position for too long
Continuous movement in PUBG Mobile is a necessity, no exception for Bridge Camp. You can kill the enemy if the surprise of the ambush persists, but if they detect your plan or Camp your bridge, they can strategize to attack and then you or your team will meet. hazardous. Or maybe they will move the other way and your Camping bridge becomes pointless.

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5. Massive attack when the enemy has no cover
Right on the bridges there are a number of damaged vehicles that are very suitable for hiding, and especially the Bridge Campers. But in some other cases, this also causes many inconveniences, the enemy can use them to cover when approaching you. If you shoot too early, the enemy will quickly recognize the danger and dodge behind those vehicles. So you need to calculate the most reasonable attack time when the enemy passes or competes far from the means.

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Hopefully with our most effective PUBG Mobile Bridge Camp Tips will help you, bring many strategic effects, unexpected effects. Overall this is still a great strategy that most players should try. Recently PUBG Mobile has updated Season 8, bringing many new and unique themes in the game, adding great skins that promise to bring many interesting experiences for players.

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