Tru Tien 3D – Spending “youth” buying Hop Hoan Linh for his wife and a super “bitter” ending

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In love, surely anyone wants to give the best for the person they love, whether in the game or in real life. The story below has just been shared in the player community Tru Tien 3D can’t help but make many people “cry and laugh” about its “poor” when a guy spends a lot of his heart buying gifts in the game to give a surprise for his little love. However, before giving the gift, the girl quit the game. Especially the girl who invited the guy to play the game, was also the first one off. Funny and extremely lovely love story of a couple. The guy really deserves the title of a man who loves psychology, pampers his lover to the fullest, always wants to create the most unexpected things for his girlfriend.


“Then I started to stick to this game since then, because I just started playing, I don’t know what to do. Everything is built by my wife. I finished the activity, then the two of us went to take pictures, a simple game life just needed to have fun. position”. Followed by a series of funny stories and memories in the game of the couple that any gamer who has heard of it also wishes to find for themselves a “matching mind” like that.


Perhaps the situation that makes the reader laugh the most is when he finds a way to buy Hop Hoan Linh to give his wife in front of the admiration of many people. But the “wretched” instead used his acc to buy instead of using her acc. To transfer to the wife, wait until 30 days later. The guy “threatened no one to tell his wife”, but less than 30 days later, she quit the game. The guy could only admit, “Hop Hoan Linh is forever in stock, you’re the one who invited me to play the first game, also the first person to quit the game”.


The article attracted a lot of comments from members of the Tru Tien 3D community. Each person has a different mood, someone admires, someone feels “bitter” instead of young people, someone sympathizes when they are in the same situation, “muddy” rather than a lot of teasing. the guy “when you follow your husband to ask for acc”, “Come here with me”…


Who knows, after these cute sharing of the boy, his little love decided to return to the game to continue the beautiful days of love and dating in the game. Let’s hope for a happy ending for the couple!

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