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Take a look at 5 role-playing games sponsored by giant Tencent

Come back to the event Tencent Up by China’s leading game developer takes place every year, and this year the event is held in the Chinese capital Beijing, with many games introduced by Tencent and about to be released to the public.

During the last event, a few prominent game names appeared, besides the games role-playing Tencent’s features have been released before, a few other games are licensed by this developer and will be released in the near future.

first. Book of Darkness


As a game MMORPG Taking the European mythological theme, just like its name, the style of the game has a dark, dark color, the game has a variety of gameplay of the familiar role-playing game. Players can through skills, equipment, gems… to “raise” their characters to become stronger. The game is still just asking the player to go to the scene and perform the task. Besides, there will be intense PK, PVP and PVE matches for players.

2. Fantasy Freedom


Is one gMO MMORPG with the familiar theme of the first half, Freedom Fantasy will be a beautiful role-playing game for the next time, with a chibi character building style, surely gamers will love it. The cuteness cannot be ignored in this game.

3. Play out injured frame


Based on the novel of the same name by author Thien Tam Tho Dau, this continues to be a 3D role-playing game for martial arts fans from Tencent. With new gameplay, highly entertaining, the game promises to bring you exciting matches.

4. Van Thuong Vu Y


Among the list of role-playing games, Van Thuong Vu Y stands out as a 3D fashion game, which will surely be loved by many female players because of the fascination from Chinese ancient costumes.

5. Legend of the World


Mobile World Legend is a 2D mobile game of the MMORPG genre with a fantasy theme developed and operated by Shandames Game company, adapted from this developer’s 11-year-old client game of the same name. The game still retains the graphic style or gameplay of classic client games, with fans who have been pursuing this game on PC for many years, the mobile version has satisfied the majority.​

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