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Zombie, undead or zombie? No matter how we call these creatures, they still bring a crazy obsession to the game world. Feeding extreme hunger in a rotten brain, cloudy eyes, and snapping snout, they’re a nightmare that still lingers in the player’s footsteps year after year. 2017 is no exception when gamers will have 10 months ahead to immerse themselves in the blood of the zombies. Therefore, readers, let’s review the titles with Emergenceingame.Com Zombie Game The most popular and “hungry” in 2017 right here:


State of Decay 2

One of the game’s most unexpected gifts in 2013 will return with a second version with many times the scale. Continuing to be set in a world filled with zombies, State of Decay 2 once again pushes players on a journey to scratch for life. Here gamers can go with friends or machine characters to travel through cities or villages ravaged by zombies, trying to survive and build a safe home.


Of course, the main task is still to survive, and to survive you must ensure food, water and medicine. These will make you scour every house, every street to be able to ensure life for your companions. Gradually, when overcoming the basic needs, gamers can build a separate settlement with solid walls and watchtowers to warn Zombies. But please remember if you lose any of your companions, you will lose them forever. State of Decay 2 is slated to release on PC and Xbox One this year.​

State of Decay 2 game trailer.

Resident Evil 2 Remastered

This year is a big year for the line horror game by Capcom when Resident Evil 7: Biohazard achieved countless great successes. However, for many fans, the seventh version still lacks something of Resident Evil, making people crave the Zombie image. That’s also when Resident Evil 2 Remastered appeared with the desire to revive the once legendary under a new graphic coat.


Above all, the opportunity to return to Leon S. Kennedy’s earliest days as a young cop, and Claire Redfield then still a college student looking for her brother, must have evoked memories. The most beautiful concept in the hearts of fans. The Remastered version currently does not have a specific release date, but is expected to arrive on PC/Console sometime this year.

Daymare: 1998

In fact, Daymare: 1998 is the Remake version of Resident Evil 2, but made by fans. However, when the project was halfway through, Capcom intervened, forcing the team to stop everything related to Resident Evil 2 due to copyright infringement. However, instead of giving up completely, the development team continued to work on the project but went in a different direction. And the final product is Daymare: 1998, a survival horror game with extremely beautiful graphics. With a bold Resident Evil style, from both the image of zombies to the extremely challenging gameplay, Daymare: 1998 will definitely bring back the flavor that haunted the gaming village more than a decade ago. Daymare: 1998 is also slated to release on PC/Console this year.


Trailer game Daymare: 1998.

The Walking Dead Season 3

The Walking Dead game version is entering its most dramatic chapters, following Clementine and her brand new companion. Season 3 with Episode “Above the Law” will continue to delve into the journey between the dead land… but no longer facing the lifeless creatures but with the last survivors themselves. Indeed, in the midst of a world dominated by Zombies, humans become the most feared and in Season 3, the Frontier clique is a prime example. Faced with sick and dehumanized guys, where will Clementine and her friend go? (to be continued)


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